суббота, 6 октября 2012 г.


Hi all, I want to share with you the news and of course new photos, haha ​​this is a habit) Yesterday was October 6. What does the Teacher's Day! On this day in class, we usually do not do anything. We go to school to congratulate the teachers, just walk: D at school or conducting lessons. Me and two of my classmates signed up to conduct English classes in elementary school. Last year, we were also a couple of lessons. I must say, was quite fun) Some children were terribly nice, and some badly behaved! But still, this day has left a lot of memories and positive emotions. I forgot to say that one of the boys told us about the cookies, and the teacher, the lessons we replaced gave us chocolate. Thanks to them :) Now, the photos in the studio!

                                                                                      P.S: Some of the photos I have not got rid of, so that at the first opportunity to show it to you, but later. Good night, read crosstattoo, with loooove ♥ ♥ ♥

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