четверг, 25 октября 2012 г.


Favorite now - tea and cookies. (though it is written on the cup "coffee", in cup tea, but what can I say?  I drew my real cup haha)

From art school

Good night!

понедельник, 22 октября 2012 г.

Something new

Today I`ll show u my new picture. I don`t really like it but I just tried to use new brushes. It`s a little moment of today: two little birds set on the window when we were on chemistry ^^
And also the new rubric in my blog ha ha) "Song for today" - Today it`s cover Emily Browning on one of my favorite songs - SWEET DREAMS! iha

Listen or download Emily Browning Sweet Dreams for free on Prostopleer

воскресенье, 21 октября 2012 г.


Hi guys, sorry for my long absence. I just came over to the huge pile of cases, because of which I did not write here for so long. I'm sorry about the promise at an early date to mend :) Again, as always I did not come here alone, but with new photos and even one picture.Tell u everything in order.

signature for pictures that I finally came up with) and actually the first drawing dedicated to my sixteen-hour sleep today

pictures taken about a week ago on the phone. Just a little slice of sky and my budded flower

and work day) ha ha, we imagined themselves gentlemens of the 19th century and fought on brooms, on swords. That`s all! I hope u`ll like this post, will be glad to see u in m followers.  /♥♥♥/ 

пятница, 12 октября 2012 г.

be bad...pig?!

I`m in love with bad piggies ^^

                                                                                                     my failed attempt

fun fun fun

pam pam pam pam, I am today to you with new photos of amuses) could not give me the download is cool drawing application for my phone. I and my friends are assholes, haha

вторник, 9 октября 2012 г.


I come to you with the news! I think that you do not know, for I live in a pretty small town, whose name you do not know for sure. So today, we should have been drawing, horrible subject, alas. But there was a lesson in the middle of a terrible roar, like an explosion or a push, such shocks were three. To be honest, we were all very scared especially cause teachers did not know what it was. As it turned out later, the explosions were from the city in our area. Accidentally blew up an ammunition wagon. I hope that the city will soon all will be quiet, and most importantly safe for sure. Well, of course not without my epic phrases. Seriously serious, but I think that without a drop of humor anywhere, for drawing from life)

понедельник, 8 октября 2012 г.

Nothing particularly interesting

We have in a very, very hot. So today, in October (!) I went to the skirt, Yeah. School, duty, an art school. Especially nothing happens. While all can find something good. I finally finished my still life in painting. Imagine, even I more or less like, though of course in living color is much better. And now the pictures! :)

† † †

воскресенье, 7 октября 2012 г.

New pierce (?)

How cool is that there are friends. Today was a pretty busy day. Pool into which I finally went, piercing the ear, brrrr, as were blood. Well, the fun part - a walk with a friend. What could be better than just walking and talking, laughing and discussing pressing? I will answer for you, nothing :D Finally, my five-minute work in the editor, haha) The truth of life, the parents were allowed to pierce my ear:
† † †

суббота, 6 октября 2012 г.


Hi all, I want to share with you the news and of course new photos, haha ​​this is a habit) Yesterday was October 6. What does the Teacher's Day! On this day in class, we usually do not do anything. We go to school to congratulate the teachers, just walk: D at school or conducting lessons. Me and two of my classmates signed up to conduct English classes in elementary school. Last year, we were also a couple of lessons. I must say, was quite fun) Some children were terribly nice, and some badly behaved! But still, this day has left a lot of memories and positive emotions. I forgot to say that one of the boys told us about the cookies, and the teacher, the lessons we replaced gave us chocolate. Thanks to them :) Now, the photos in the studio!

                                                                                      P.S: Some of the photos I have not got rid of, so that at the first opportunity to show it to you, but later. Good night, read crosstattoo, with loooove ♥ ♥ ♥

четверг, 4 октября 2012 г.


Greetings to all my other friends and other people who just come to my blog. Today I had not one, but as promised with photos sunday photo shoot. And despite the windy and quite cloudy day, he was fine. We got to the photo exhibition and watched a lot of interesting work. Welcome ♥

                                                     And of course, as I promised my photoes


понедельник, 1 октября 2012 г.

Island Of Art

Monday, a new day, a school and also art school, for me it is not just a place where I'm learning to draw, where I my works and the important exhibitions and strict, funny teacher, but of course my friends, with whom I was 4 years of friendship. In this blog soon, very, very soon(!) I will post not only my works, but also a pictures of my friends and just many little interesting things.

on the way to art school

                                                              it was not on the road

                                                                        our still life
not my picture  :D

Good night, be good boys and girls and of course read crosstattoo  ♥ ♥ ♥