воскресенье, 21 октября 2012 г.


Hi guys, sorry for my long absence. I just came over to the huge pile of cases, because of which I did not write here for so long. I'm sorry about the promise at an early date to mend :) Again, as always I did not come here alone, but with new photos and even one picture.Tell u everything in order.

signature for pictures that I finally came up with) and actually the first drawing dedicated to my sixteen-hour sleep today

pictures taken about a week ago on the phone. Just a little slice of sky and my budded flower

and work day) ha ha, we imagined themselves gentlemens of the 19th century and fought on brooms, on swords. That`s all! I hope u`ll like this post, will be glad to see u in m followers.  /♥♥♥/ 

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